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Keep the photo eye sensors clean and aligned

The photo eye sensors, or simply the opener-sensors, can be found on each side of the garage entrance. They have a very important role, and that is to make sure the door reverses if anything is in the door's path. They must be clean and aligned to face each other, this way they can detect any object or movement.

Have your door inspected annually

It's very important to have your garage door inspected once a year. There are many signs that something could be wrong with the system, for example - rust on the cables, the door is hanging slightly to one side or opens too slowly, noise coming from the rollers, and more. A professional technician can fix the problems on the spot if he finds any, a benefit that can certainly save you both time and money.

Consider a new garage door opener with advanced security features

The rolling code technology is a basic feature which you should definitely have. You can get a unit that comes with a signal blocking option, in order to prevent opening during the night. A control panel with motion detection sensors will turn the lights on automatically whenever someone walks into your garage. If you get a connected opener, you will be able to monitor your overhead door remotely.

Check both the roller wheels and stems for damage and wearing

When inspecting the wheels, watch out for dullness and deformation. The stems should be straight. If they are twisted, the rollers will need replacement. In general, the easiest way to tell if you need new ones for your garage door is to watch out if they make any noise. If your door makes popping sounds while opening and closing, get new rollers fast.


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